Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Finished Baby Socks and Hat

I finished the baby socks over the weekend. They are very cute. The stripes on the second sock came out very regular. 
I'm sure it would be close to impossible to have knit the stripes like that on purpose. 

I also knit a little matching hat. 

The hat was knit all in one day yesterday. 
Not all in one sitting. I did take breaks. 

Still, I think my gauge got a little loose at the top. It probably isn't noticeable to a lay person, but another knitter might pick up on it. 

Despite that, I'm glad I powered through and finished it. Now I can get back to my other projects. 

Happily, I don't seem to have injured myself with all that knitting yesterday, although my right thumb is a little sore. 

No knitting until tonight so my thumb can rest!

Yarn: Indulgence 6-Ply with Silk in color 12
Patterns: Socks from Sock Wizard software. Hat Ella Rae Amity Beanie, worked in the round. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wee Socks

Being in my early 40s, I thought I was past the phase of my friends having babies. 

Turns out, that is not the case. Back in February (or was it May?) I had three friends who had either just delivered or were due any day. 

I felt myself suddenly overcome with the urge to knit them all something. Totally out of character for me! I was a selfish knitter before it was a Ravelry group. 

In the end, I dug out my SockWizard software and had it spit out a baby sock pattern. 
I knit one pair for each person. However, they all looked a little different because I used self-striping yarn. 

Then I went to get cards. Standing in the store I thought, "They don't know each other and won't meet." And I bought them all the same card

I did not account for them all posting pictures on FB thanking me. 

Oh well. It was a really cute card. 

That brings us to a week or two ago, when I heard about another baby due in October. Out came the yarn and pattern, which had disappeared from my iBooks after the iOS update, thank you very much. 

The first sock knit up as quickly as I remembered and is just as cute. 

The second sock is having a rougher time. 
There was a party at my local yarn shop yesterday to celebrate one year in her new location. 

I was chatting away, and eating goodies, and didn't realize I hadn't reset my row counter after the cuff. 

At least they are so small it didn't take long to fix. 

I was back to knitting the foot last night when I started yawning my head off. Hubby turned off the TV and ordered us up to bed. 

This sock will be finished today and then it's onto a matching hat. 

In other news, the socks are so cute, the shop owner somehow conned me into teaching a sock class next week. 
On the bright side, I think we're starting with a private lesson for her to see how I do!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Faux Foot!

Inspired by the wooden foot form I saw at Abeja in Washington state and the idea of a custom dress form made with an old t-shirt and duct tape, I decided to try to use the idea to make a foot. 
Mom bought me a few designs from which to select. Originally I wanted houndstooth, but when she saw all the choices I couldn't make up my mind. 
In the end, we decided the argyle was the most appropriate. 
As I started the process I wasn't sure how to proceed. Basically, I got as far as putting on my old sock. 
Happily, my niece sprang into action and took over. She started wrapping it in the way her feet get wrapped for soccer. 
Layers were carefully added in small sections to conform to the shape of my foot. 
She went down to my toes and the up my calf. She said we couldn't go to the very top, but it was close enough. 
Once the entire foot was covered, she carefully cut down the back of my leg. She had to cut down into the heel a little in order to open it enough to take it off my foot. 
How awesome is the finished foot?! It actually looks like a foot. 
I think it's hysterical. 
She put a few handfuls of rice in the bottom for weight, then carefully stuffed it with fiberfill. 
She had to be careful not to overfill it and distort the shape. 
We popped a finished sock on the form and it fits very well. But then it should, since it's my foot!
It was actually a little tricky to get the sock onto the foot, but it probably just takes practice. 
I'll probably have to figure out a way to close the top up. 
Now I have a way to display finished socks. Or even test them as I'm knitting them instead of trying it on my actual foot. 
I'm also wondering whether this will help me embrace toe-up sock knitting as I'll be able to try the sock on the form to determine gusset shaping. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fake foot

We are on vacation in Washington state. Drinking ALL the wine! 

These first few nights we're staying at The Inn at Abeja, which is beautiful. 

When we checked in last night I saw this foot form. 
Maybe it's a shoe form?

I couldn't resist trying a sock on it. 
I was a bit surprised by how well it fit!

Then I wondered how the form compared to my foot. 
The width is probably the same, but the toes are longer. 

I guess it wouldn't be a good sock blocker. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sweater Surgery

I woke up this morning with a potentially brilliant idea. 

My iPhone suggested "dangerous " after I typed "potentially", Siri knows me so well. 
Anyway, I knit this Buttercup top last Summer. Halfway through I read that the pattern runs large. 

Turns out that is accurate. 

The body fit well, but the bodice was a bit plunging for my taste. 

After all that time knitting, I wore it anyway. 

The problem is the neckline has only grown more open with each wash and wear. Really, it's starting to be unwearable. 

On Wednesday, I was discussing the issue with a lady at knitting group who also knit one and is having the same issue. (Although she used a different yarn.)

She said she might just frog it, and I agreed that might be the way to go. Since the sweater is knit top-down you have to go through the entire garment to reach the neckline. 

Then this morning I woke up and thought, "Why not just frog the problem area?"

shouldn't have to cut anything since I want to save the "skirt."

Instead, I can find where I joined a new ball after the bodice, pick out the end, and unravel up. 

The skirt stitches will be placed on a lifeline until I'm ready to join the pieces together. I'm thinking Kitchener stitch. 

One potential problem is getting the stitch count of the new, smaller top to match the skirt so I can graft them. 

But, really, if I'm not going to wear it as-is I've got nothing to lose. 

At most, it might end up longer because I have to keep knitting to get the stitch counts to match. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Ticking Away

Finally have my warp threaded again. Now to sley the reed, again. 
It's a good reminder not to act in haste. 

After my previous attempt with this yarn didn't work out, I cut it loose and pulled it all the way out. 

The next time I saw my weaving instructor she said, "Why don't you try a plain weave instead of a twill?"

And here I am, ticking away at returning to square one. 

Trying a 15 dent reed this time. I hope it doesn't turn to mush like my previous attempts.